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Established in August 2013, Irontree Wealth Management is a registered investment advisory

practice dedicated to the purpose of improving the economies

of my friends, family, colleagues and community.  


Just as the Laws of Nature, immutable as they are, integrate and organize the

physical world around us, philosophy provides an integrated view

of our conceptualizations, our principals.  At Irontree, we could no

more dispense with our philosophy than we could with the

law of gravity.  It is these precepts that guide us in our daily actions and

distinguish us in a crowded marketplace.


Through reason and logical, deliberative thought Irontree was founded 

as an independent firm.  This route was chose purposefully.  

Independence provides for the closest advisor client relationship with the 

fewest conflicts or contradictions.  At Irontree, we are free to offer candid

advice, free to offer unbiased opinions, and free to offer exemplary service.

At Irontree, we are free.


It is my singular hope that you find in your own life's pursuits a happiness 

similar to what I've found within the field of economics.


- Nickolas Simoneau                                     

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